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What's New

We are pleased to announce the release of Instant Fax Cover for the Mac, and available on the Mac App Store.

It is an essential tool for anyone who uses a fax machine. Check it out on our Products Page or
on the Mac App Store: Instant Fax Cover at the Mac App Store

And we are continuing to update and bring you the best list keeper for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad: BetterLists.

Instant Fax Cover for Mac

A simple, easy to use program to quickly print fax cover sheets.

You need to send a fax and you need a cover page. What do you do? Launch a word processor, type in the information, format it and print? Write it on a piece of paper by hand? This spends time you don't have, or looks unprofessional. Use Instant Fax Cover instead.

Print one page fax covers quickly. Remembers the fax covers you previously printed so you don't have to enter the information again. Let's you create templates so you have fax covers ready for everyone you commonly fax to. Have professional looking fax cover pages quickly and easily.

  Version: 3.0.0 Release Date: 3/6/11
Mac App Store $4.99
  Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later  
Go to Instant Fax Cover at the Mac App Store  
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BetterLists for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

BetterLists is an easy to use and flexible app for quick access to all your information. Now you can have your To Do list, expenses, and grocery list all in one place.

BetterLists comes with:
  • To Do
  • Grocery List
  • Expenses
  • Birthdays
  • Restaurants To Try

You can use them as is, or modify them exactly how you want. Add your own.


  • Create as many lists as you like.
  • Your lists can contain fields holding text, dates, times, and numbers.
  • Fields can be formatted many different ways. Notes, phone numbers, currency, and more.
  • Your lists can be modified anytime. Add or delete a field, change it's type or name.
  • Check and uncheck items so you can reuse a list over and over.
  • Delete items just by swiping your finger across them.
  • Email your lists to yourself.
  • Use Phone, Email, and Web address fields to dial, email, or go to a web address.
  • Sort your list by any field, and view up to 3 fields in List View.
  • Add Choice Lists so you can set fields from a preset list of choices, instead of typing each time.
  • Import CSV files to add lists.
  • Simple to use, yet powerful enough to handle all your lists.
  Version: 1.3.9 Release Date: 11/28/13
iTunes App Store $2.99
  Requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad  
Go to BetterLists at the App Store  
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